Business Plan Competition

BPC : Business Plan Competition is a competition that is divided into 2 categories; High School and University categories. Business Plan Competition is aimed to be a forum for participants to develop creative and innovative business ideas. Each group of participants is required to have 3 members in the team. After collecting the business plan paper, 15 teams will be chosen from each category and continue the competition to the elimination stage, known as the rocket pitch stage. At the rocket pitch stage, participants will present their business ideas that they have made in front of the judges. Before going to the rocket pitch stage, participants will participate in virtual company visits and business coaching intended to provide BPC participants with new insights into the world of start-up business. EURECA 2022 will also hold a Business Race Competition that challenges all semifinalists from BPC and MPC participants regarding their skill and knowledge about the business and marketing world through rally games. The team that is chosen to be the winner of the Business Race Competition will get the chance to get an additional 10% of the total Business Race score in rocket pitch scoring and choose the order for the Rocket Pitch presentation.

Registration Period and Price

Note: Every team that qualifies for the Preliminary Stage will be charged an additional fee of Rp100.000,00 for the re-registration fee for High School and Rp125.000,00 for University categories.

Contact person:

BPC (High School)
BPC (University)


Not only carrying out business competitions, EURECA 2022 will also hold a pre-event in the form of Workshop Business Innovation and Workshop Marketing Optimization. In order to increase awareness of the EURECA 2022, this event also aims to be a place for young people to know how to make strategy in new normal era, develop their critical thinking, and maximize their potential in business innovation and marketing optimization.

The theme of the EURECA 2022 pre-event seminar is TRACTION: Transcend Your Limitation. By inviting:

As a speaker in this pre-event. In this business workshop, participants will get insights to make a strategy in new normal era..

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