Marketing Plan Competition

MPC: Marketing Plan Competition is a competition that aims to hone the ability of participants to solve problems in the form of real cases that will be provided by Case Contributor companies. From the marketing plan paper that has been collected by the participants, 15 teams will be selected to qualify for the initial stages and will have the opportunity to present their solutions before the judges. Each semi-finalist MPC group team consisting of 3 participants will make a Virtual Company Visit and also attend marketing coaching. During this Company Visit, participants will have the opportunity to get to know more about the company that will become an Official EURECA 2022 Case Contributor and will be given a marketing problem that they must resolve. Semi-finalist MPC participants will also take part in Business Race competition, where the competition will be held before the Technical Meeting. The team chosen to win the Business Race will have the opportunity to choose the order for the Rocket Pitch presentation.

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Not only carrying out business competitions, EURECA 2022 will also hold a pre-event in the form of Workshop Business Innovation and Workshop Marketing Optimization. In order to increase awareness of the EURECA 2022, this event also aims to be a place for young people to know how to make strategy in new normal era, develop their critical thinking, and maximize their potential in business innovation and marketing optimization.

The theme of the EURECA 2022 pre-event seminar is TRACTION: Transcend Your Limitation. By inviting:

As a speaker in this pre-event. In this business workshop, participants will get insights to make a strategy in new normal era..

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